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Metal ManiaX Radio Show
Hosted by Tommy Bolan

Tommy Bolan Lead Guitarist/Frontman of NYC and Lead Guitar of The Richie Ramone Band and formerly with the platinum selling band WARLOCK** will be hosting the weekly radio show "Metal Maniax" which will Feature the Hard Rock and Metal bands found at 440music.com

**(Tommy is Also the Former Lead Guitarsit of the German Heavy Metal Band-WARLOCK (w Doro Pesch))

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Do you believe that Unsigned and Indie Bands are the heart of the music industry? We at 440Music.com do and for 15 years we've been proving it everyday. In 1998 when we first launched Indie Music was under 9% of the total market, today Indie and Unsigned music has grown to over 34% and in 2014 it is projected to be almost 37%. With this explosion we believe that 440Music.com is the greatest place to discover new music and for bands to find new fans.

We have been delayed getting the site ready for relaunch and hope that I can find a developer in the Chicago area who will be able to work with us.

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