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440Music Entertianment Co. Radio Stations accept all songs from Unsigned and Independentre Musicians, Singer Songwriters, Bands and Groups. How to submit your songs for airplay? Start with Free Membership that includes a full web site package. exp: cramer.440music.com


The 440Music Store is open and available to all members who have new and or used music gear for sale. Sell direct to the buyer and set local pick up or delivery available. Use paypal to complete secure payment processing. Buyers and sellers are portected with a secure transactions service.

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As a member you have a full Web Hosting Services that is designed for music industry professionals. Free Membership includes Web Site and as you learn more about our services or your needs increase add additional services.

Musicians that use the 440Music web hosting service will automatically be considered for air play.

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Roadies, Bandmates, Tour Manager, Managerment, Artist Relations, Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Accountant, Account Manager, Social Media and well you know if it deals with music its welcome.


Find local clubs that feature up and coming indie bands including whos playing where, ticket price and directions.