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Tommy TBones Cramer

Musician, Webmaster, and Owner of 440Music.com
In June 1998 TBones sold his share of a thriving business, Career Concepts USA, Inc and started working as a webmaster providing a service to small business professional in and around Chicago, IL. After several months in his new business Tommy created 440MUSIC.COM as an example of his abilities with the Internet. The latest technology was Internet Radio so Tommy drew upon his past skills provide unsigned musicians a radio station dedicated to their music. Tommy was a DJ at Milton College, WVMC, a musician, and a webmaster which is why 440Music only plays Unsigned and Indie music. As a DJ, then known as Colorado Collins, Tommy often played bands he found while visiting clubs in Milwaukee, Madison, Janesville, WI and Rockford and Chicago, IL. Tommy helped grow the Milton College music library and successfully introduced many unknown bands and artists to the student body of Milton College.

Tommy had moved to Chicago in 1982 and shortly there after played with The Shifters a Rock & Blues Band that played mostly original songs. Tommy like many musicians felt that with the right opportunity they could reach the top and play for crowd of 30,000 or more. That reality slowly faded with time and TBones found him self with that "Real Job". Tommy never lost his love of music and in 98 when he needed to show potential clients his abilities with the Internet he was renewed with passion and fire. Today TBones is excited that he has found three like mined professional willing to help young musicians reach their goal.

Radio Stations

440Music Radio Stations are being rebuild with stations coming back online daily. 440Musid will have 86 seperate radio stations and each station is dedicated to a simgle indie genre of music. All bands that signup for web hosting will automatically be included to our radio stations.

Music Hosting

Web Hosting Services for music industry professionals, start with a Free Web Site and as you learn more about our services or your needs increase add additional services.

Musicians that use the 440Music web hosting service will automatically be considered for air play.

Job Board

Search music industry jobs
Post job opening for temporary or perminate opening.
Roadies, Bandmates, Tour Manager, Managerment, Artist Relations, Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Accountant, Account Manager, Social Media and well you know if it deals with music it's welcome.


Find local clubs that feature up and coming indie bands including who's playing where, ticket price and directions.


The 440Music Store is open to all sellers of new and used music gear including digital downloads.