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“The Feast” Album - Released on March 22, 2019 as an independent artist and featuring Robert Machado, Rob Machado and Euro Rojas.
Though the album has received praise as an “alternative rock” effort, it’s also doused in psychedelic, progressive rock and more.
The songs “Even Kill” and “Ticking Away” have both received an Akademia Music Award.
Machado’s influences prove continuously all-encompassing and have been compared to the likes of Pink Floyd with an attitude, Foreigner-like soundscapes, early Genesis and metal/hard rock anthems. 
‘The Feast’ is a strong album. Machado’s dedication to his art is impressive. This is a very good exhibition of art from a professional standard and it’s clear that Machado poured his heart and soul into this artistry – Brett Stewart, Music Analyst at Exposed Vocals

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