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RexRed is a singer, songwriter, recording artist and plays many stringed instruments. Rex records in his studio at his apartment in Portland Maine. The music artist RexRed has performed many solo gigs in Maine over the years, including The Holiday Inn, Maidees, The Oyster Bar, The Lompoc, Bubba's, The Thirsty Whale, Gettys, Stevie's Stage Coach, The Machias Grand Theater, Paul's Speak Easy Lounge, Legends, Stacy's, Brunos, The 90 Main, Jed Prouty's, The Far East Down-East, Orono University coffee houses, University of Maine at Machias, RexRed also performs in Portland Maine as a street musician. 
Rex studied at the University of Maine at Orono and the University of Maine at Machias. At Orono Rex toured with the University Singers and enjoyed a performing major status at UM. RexRed has received several awards at both universities including "Freshman Soloist of the Year". Rex has studied music and computers freelance since his college years, he also edits videos of popular movies and sets them to copy songs, you can search for his videos on YouTube under the name RexRed. Rex has Facebook, Twitter, Tagged and Google+ pages with many fans who follow his music. 
Among RexRed's accolades, he won a song contest with Universal Music and he is the "most listened to artist" on the indie music website Indieland.

Rex is also currently #1 in the singer-songwriter genre on Reverbnation's charts in Maine and has placed at number 30 on the charts in all genres out of 4.5 million Reverbnation members.

Rex is always working on music and each song is a product of RexRed's own unique imagination. I hope you enjoy Rex's music, I have been a fan of his songs for years and I consider him a great talent!

Many thanks 
Lester Ludwig (music aficionado)  
Madison Wisconsin

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