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David Neil Cline

David Neil Cline started recording and performing heavy rock for 3 decades. David learned to play at an early age from his multi talented father. Late 50's early 60's David's father played with Danny and the Zeltones band and later the name changed to Zelrocks. The leader of the band being Danny Zella, they released a hand full of records some on the label Big Top Records. David received his first electric guitar and amp at age 9. By age 15 he started playing clubs and weddings in the Detroit band Hustler. At age 16 he played clubs in a band called Sextion. In the late 70's, David and Sextion member John Sanchez formed the original band Predator. Predator preformed, wrote and recorded songs for about 5 years and in 1984 released a cassette album called "The latest and Greatest of Predator".

David Neil Cline has been recording and performing heavy rock for almost 3 decades. A master of the guitar, Hammond Organ, bass guitar, plus lead and backing vocals.

His first album "A Fit of Rage" was recorded in 1985, but wasn't released until 1987. The album was only released on vinyl on the indie label Gazochtahagen Records, distributed nationally by Important Records. In 1991 it was released on CD called "A fit of Rage (remix plus two) with two new bonus tracks added. The album has recently been re-mixed and re-mastered to CD again with another two bonus tracks added. This is the 20'Th year anniversary for the "A Fit of Rage" album. The CD looks exactly like a mini version of the original vinyl album inside and out. IN STORES NOW!!!

David's second album "Malefic Influence" was recorded in 1987 then released in 1989 on cassette and vinyl. This album was also on the Gazochtahagen label and distributed nationally by Important Records. In 2000 Malefic Influence was mastered to CD.

In 2001 David released a third CD album called "Thorough Scrutiny". Most of the tracks were originally recorded in the early 1990s in various basement type studios. Some vocal, keyboard and lead guitar tracks were recorded in 2000. Taking a kind of Frank Zappa approach to the production, intertwining the songs with weird keyboard effects and strange events, most of which was fooling around in the studios while recording. It definately gives you a look into the different and very unusual minds of these very Talented musicians. The song "Fate of Pain" was used in a movie sound track called "Stupid People do Stupid Things" a Damien Gilbert production. The same song also appeared on many compilation CDs. Thorough Scrutiny also includes two remakes. "Follow Me" written by the late blues guitarist Rory Gallagher and a very cool live version of the song "Snortin Whiskey" by Pat Travers.

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