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12 Pearls - Indie Rock Band

12 Pearls release is an Indie Rock Band that released thier debut CD Down To The Last Drop in 2000. 440Music OnLine Radio for Indie Music added 12 Pearls to our playlist and was played in it's entiredy as the Featured CD on the "No None Smoking Zone" the original radio show offered by Dave Christoffersen and Tommy TBones Cramer. Today you can find 12 Pearls on our Rock Radio Stations. 12 Pearls 11 song CD told the world that this Pop Rock band had hit the airwave and they were here to say.

12 Pearls music can be heard on 440Music Entertianment Co.'s Rock and Pop Rock Radio Stations. We encourage fans of the Indie Band 12 Pearls go to our radio station's page and request to hear their songs.
Oklahoma Indie Band 12 Pearls

Well kids, it was time to take the rock show on the road, so we packed up the trusty ole' trailer, and headed to Roca, I mean Ponca, City. We knew that we were scheduled to rock Planet Rock, but, as usual, we didn't have any idea what the club would be like. This was the second time "Twelve Pearls" had played in Ponca, but it was the first time for both Brandon and I. Anyway, the Rocking Horse/Planet Rock turned out to be one of the cooler clubs we have ever played; the whole place was very well kept. The front half was the aptly decorated country dancing club, The Rocking Horse, where our new friends Western Justice entertained line dancers and two-steppers all night long. The junk in the trunk of the club was our spot? the rock spot: Planet Rock. After setting up our gear the folks at the club suggested that we go and dine at the Rusty Barrel (fortunately it was nothing like the "rusty trombone"). I'm glad that we took their advice because it was some of the best grub that we've ever experienced, and it got us ready to ro-ro-rock it all night long. In the time we spent not rocking, I hung out with baby-girl, Brandon talked to girls, Andrew watched the girls, and Kit found satisfaction in shooting the breeze with the locals. Andrew credited my very "entertaining" performance that night to the,uh, "rockin'" 1980's Kiss music videos he showed us before the show. Honestly, was taking off the makeup ever really considered a good idea?

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