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1/2 Mad Poet a Hard Rock Band

Friday night evey live music club in Chicago books their top draws which is what I wasn't expecting on Wednesnight. 1/2 Mad Poet played after Stewed Tomatoes a 3 peice female raock band that I had planned on seeing and met 1/2 Mad Poet that night too. I took to the band's music from almost the first notes. The lyrics made me feel which is what a good song should do. Many of their songs are from a woman's point of view but that's what you get from an all woman band. 1/2 Mad Poet's music is a blance between hard rock and alternative giving them a firm sounds with the power only a woman can express.

I sit for hours infront of the CD rack at Goodwill Retail Stores arond the Chicago area looking for CDs that I don't have from my childhood, you King Crimson, SRC, The Fugs or anything from the 50s on up to present day. Well I was diging throught the CDs at the Goodwill Store in Dis Plaines Illinois and found what is my second 1/2 Mad Poet CD Pictures. The night I met the band they presented me with their new release "Ain't I Woman". On my next radio show we featured 1/2 Mad Poet's album Ain't I Woman. Today 1/2 Mad Poet's music is still in rotation on the Hrad Rock, Rock and Alternative Radio Stations

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