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Song Submission

How do I Submit My/Our Songs?
Submitting your songs for airplay to 440Music or any media industry professional you need to think like the person getting your songs. CDs were easy I'd get a printed CD, CD liner digital information encoded in the CD files. I'd rip the CD and my player rip in to a folder named and located in MyMusic>Artist_Name_Folder>Album_Title_Folder/song-title_artist-name_album-title_genre.mp3 and as long as I keep a good back up I'm golden. Today with email, downloading and file sharing being the our choice for distribution there are added challenges. The work my player did I do now but don't get me wrong I listen to music all day long and call it work.

Digital distribution has opened so many more doors for recording artist today and at the same time made it harder for you. I konw from experience that a properly encoded song will have a much better chance of airplay. Think again about the person getting your song will store them. MyMusic>Aritst-Name>Album-Title>Song-detail.mp3 If I get our song in my email box named as love-song.mp3 I have to reject the song if I play it and I hear a 5 peice band and the emial came from Mary Cole what do I do? On the other hand if I see this in my email box Love-Song_Rattle-Butt_Love-Album_Pop.mp3 everything is ther for me and I later when I'm building my song list I can find info about the band on the web if I need more details.

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