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The History of Indie Music
by tbones, 09/08/19 00:04:48

I had been following up with my LinkedIn contacts and came across a post about Indie Music which made me think was 440Music OnLine Radio written in the history books of Indie Music? I started thinking about the word Indie and how it relates to music so I Yahooooo'd it and found hundreds of articles all with similar definitions and not a single story as I understand the word Indie to mean as I know it should be defined. I'm very traditional when it comes to words because of my mother who was an English teacher. Some writers wrote about the 60s, 70s, and in to the 90s others wrote about Indie as a genre and yet some even talked about how it's a new thing. Well I'm here to set the story straight, Indie is not a genre period. Indie Music is not something discovered recently, OK I know what you're thinking in the past 20 years Indie Music has grown from less than 9% of the music sales to 34% and you'd be right it has grown but growth has nothing to do with when it started. We could get in to popularity and who was there and who's still there and when did the money start backing Indie Music.

Indie Music, I'm guessing goes as far back as the second party, no really think about it the first pary was food and sex which was fine but the second party with 1 player on the stick and stump and the second player on the stick and rock. Indie or Independent Music was here first before the labels, managers, producers, agents, attorneys and accountants. Music has been apart of our life's from the age of the caveman and the first person started pounding two sticks together, a stick on a stump although it could have been a couple of rocks. I'm betting it was a caveman with a stick and rock pair because what I hear when I think about caveman music.

Think about it, in the beginning musicians would either get asked to play or they'd be asking for a gig which to me says Indie with a big I. Next came the people, or should I say players who wanted to what you played what you just played so it was recorded. The recording industry is a completely separate topic that I'd love to spend some free time reading about and how it has changed over the past 2000 years. For me my Indie music career started at the age of 14 when I got my first guitar, a broken Harmony that I had to repair to play. At 17 I played my first gig when I was asked to sit in by a high school friend Joel Buyers at a party. Joel, like me tried to make a career with our music, our Indie Music. I personally for the record always had a day job so I could play my guitar at night, lots of restaurant work those days and it was always good for a free meal and I could live on 1 meal with a couple of snakes.

The music industry started with the Indie Musician next was the recording industry then I'm guessing managers and management groups and so on today with hundreds of positions and job descriptions in the music industry. I think about some of the greats that we've all covered at one time in our Indie Career and how did they decide on what would be their next step? Would Woodie Guthrie have been one of the greats if his music wasn't recorded? Was he playing to share his love of music or was it that he didn't want to sling burgers or working the fields. Yes his music was speaking out against what he saw was an injustice in the world although that's a common theme in many songs. Pick a band any band Indie or major label and I'll give odds that they have 1 if not more songs speaking out against an injustice. Woodie's music weather you like it or not was reaching the people, the listeners felt something and wanted when listening to him.

Music regardless if it's from a major label, an Indie label or the musicians direct music is about passion. Listeners feel the passion in the songs they listen to and like. Musicians breath life in to a song with their passion and a song doesn't have to have lyrics. WOW that just gave me an unbelievable image of the first singer. Now that's a story of fiction the first singer I mean really you'd have to have been there to really know and those people who could have told that story are long past this time. I see an image of 2 players one on stick and stump and the other on stick and rock at the after meal relaxation for digestion time and one of the women who who was swaying to the tunes said oooohhh waaa and then when the music came round again she oooohhh waaa again which did something never expect and gave us the lead singer.

Indie Music has been with us since the beginning and will always be with us for one reason or another. Some musicians start out as Indie, get the support of a major label and after years of success go back to an Indie Label. Other musicians get the opportunity to sign with a major label and decide that it's not right for them and don't sign and yet others never get more than an offer from an Indie Label and then there is a majority of the Indie Music Scene the true Indie Musician who does it all in their bedroom with an apple and you thought an apple a day would do anything.