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440Music Playlist Why?
by tbones, 10/07/19 18:46:16

440Music Playlist Why?

One of the unique features of 440Music is the playlist sharing. What is playlist sharing and how do you use it? Creating a playlist allows you to share songs you like by multiple bands. Your playlist can be up to 70 songs or around 6 hours of music. If you are a member of a band you’ll use your playlist to feature your songs and because you’ve created a list with multiple bands in the same genre your listeners will listen longer.

Who Can Create A Playlist?

All members are able to create a playlist and all members can add a voice track that can be inserted in to the playlist and 440Music inserts promos every 4th and 7th song plus 1 promo before your listener connects. The 440Music inserts are mostly voice tracks between 5 to 10 seconds a few are 60 seconds and all spots promote 440Music or a band that has a new release, gig or what ever.

How do you create a playlist?

You first need to be a member and logged in to your account. In your control room/panel you will see a tab for Stations, click then create station. The first question you will be asked is what format do you want to use? MP3, WMA, WAV… and Lofi or Hifi? I recommend MP3 and HIFI because that is the most common format for internet streaming. Now you name your playlist, add write a description, randomize or not, repeat song yes or no, upload picture or select one from your image folder and finally click create. Now let’s add a few songs to your playlist again click on stations and modify, you will see your playlist page and about mid way down the page is a button for include songs. When clicked a new window will open and you’ll see a search box, an alphabetical list, and 5 columns labeled add remove image, song title/artist, song genre and length. To add a song to your playlist you click the button for add and remove to take it out of your playlist. If you click the band/artist name that will take you to their band profile or if you click on genre all songs in that genre will be listed. To monitor the songs click the play button or the song name and a flash player will open for you to review the song.

Is that all there is to a Playlist?

Most of you will stop there because you’ve set your playlist to random which is cool and always mixes things up if you’re listeners listen multiple times. For those of you who want more control follow me to the station tab again and then click on arrange. Arranging the songs puts you in the roll of the DJ and now you have control over the listener. Imagine taking them on a journey, a musical journey. What is the first song you want them to hear and where do you want them be with the last note. Thinking and planning the journey is not that different from a long car ride with kids in the back seat. You want them engaged and looking forward to every note and if the ride ever gets to the point of “Are We There Yet” you’ve lost your listener.

Sharing Your Playlist

Once you’ve created a playlist you’ll want to share it with friends, fans and anywhere you think you can attract listeners. Find the link to share your playlist on your social profile page and below the mid-way point you have a set of tabs and one of those tabs is Radio click and on the right there is a > symbol and below the playlist/radio page player you can copy the link to share. Our new player will display on other web sites at which time we’ll alert you to make changes to your links although the current links will continue to work they are designed to bring visitors to your 440Music profile page.