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"It is with great regret that I post this news "

Steve Wilcox
Steve Wilcox
10/31/10 20:11:21
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It is with great regret that I post this news
It is with great regret that I post this news because I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have been told by others that they would rather know than not and if I had kept this to myself with them they would have made it very difficult for me to sit down if you understand my meaning.

As most of you know I went to Vietnam from 1965 to 1969 and during that time our government used a chemical called Agent Orange to kill all foliage to see the enemy better in the jungle only to find out years later that it was and is some awful bad stuff.

Here it is 43 years later and I just found out after having my annual physical at the V.A. Hospital here in Kansas City Missouri they found a six inch long four inch wide soft tissue Sarcoma Tumor in my left thigh. Everything is in full swing to do what has to be done to treat and remove it but it is malignant and a rare form of cancer I was told.

Linda and I are in a good frame of mind and we are taking this a day at a time with a very positive attitude so please do the same. We know that GOD has us in his pocket (Foot Steps in the Sand) and that this bug is just a sparrow picking at the eagles butt so one more time in my life I am going to be down but not out and plan on fighting this bug until we win – OK? OK!

Once again I apologize for such news from me but rest assured I WILL KICK IT”S ASS!

Steve Wilcox

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