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Buringin Brains the Band - Indie Hard Rock Band

Buring Brans came to 440Music OnLine Radio with 3 submission from their album Amazon's On Fire" with a hard rock aggressive sound beating out the rhythm. Hard Rock melodic sound from Buring Brains fowls from the first note to the last and takes the listener along for the ride. This Indie Hard Rock Band, Buringing Brains the Band is available on 440Music Entertainment Co. Hard Rock and Metal Radio Stations rotation and can be requested anytime on the radio player page.
Burning Brains The Band is from Belém, Pará, Brasil

Burning Brain the Band Members:
Kaleb Shaffner - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Drum Kit, Korg Minilogue, Hand Percussion (Dreamer), Aux. Percussion, Glockenspiel
Maximilian Schmitz - Bass Guitar, Fuzz Bass, Vocals
Greg Ornella - Rhythm Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Vocals
Adam Mayhall - Drummer

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