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The Blue Dreamers plays songs from the Folk-Rock genre. The Blue Dreamers
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garyrevel plays songs from the Not-Listed Add New Genre genre.
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Tom Bones plays songs from the Indie genre.
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Apartment plays songs from the Alternative genre.
Vicki Genfan plays songs from the Acoustic genre.
Vicki Genfan
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Ty Kaufman
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Back Flip Annie
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Alex Elzer

General FAQs

Who is 440MUSIC.COM Internet Radio & Music Store?

In Short:
440Music Internet Radio & Music Store is the oldest Internet Radio for unsigned and independent music and in December 2006 we added a shopping cart feature to help up and coming musicians sell there music, eTickets, CDs, un-wanted equipment, t-shirts and more.

How do I/My Band get my/our music played on 440Music.com's Radio?

We will consider all songs that have been uploaded by artist members. All songs uploaded must be original songs or a song that was written by you/your band.

How do I/My Band become a member?

Click this link: and select Artist if you want to upload your songs.

Who Can Sign Up?

Everyone is welcome to sign-up and you must be at least 13 years of age. If you are a musician under the age of 13 you will need a parent or guardian register to help you upload or sell your music. Regardless of age all music uploaded that is original will be considered for air play.

I created an artist profile, how to upload my songs for your radio station?

Once an account has been created you will now have access to the control console which will allow you full control over your profile. Once you've logged in you'll see a link below the main menu labled "Control Panel". Click on Control Panel and you will be taken to the place where the life of your profile comes alive. There is a menu below our logo which take you to the inner workings. To upload songs for our Internet Radio Station click on Songs link. Click on the link "Songs", then "Create Song" in the new screen will be a form, fill in everything.

I've been in several bands in my career how do I list those bands?

Like many of us who have been in music for a while we have been in more then one band. You will create a musicians profile and a band profile. Once that band profile has been created invite the other members of the band to create a musicians profile. Once they are signed-up invite them to share in the band profile. You will all be able to watch the progress of the fans, music sales, blog and more. You will also be able to create a profile for multiple bands although it is important to search for those past bands to ensure that you are not duplicating the efforts of those band members. When you find that one of your band mates had created a profile for that band request that they include you as a member. If you are a member of that band our users agreement requiers that they allow you access to that profile.

If I make my/our music available for sale how do I collect the money?

Our shopping cart system allows you to set the selling price from $0.39 to $9999.00.
  • 440Music.com will keep 13% for every sale whether it is an MP3 download, eTicket, CD or any tangible item. You will be your responsibility for shipping all tangible items. MP3s and eTickets will be available to the buyer for 33 days.
  • There is never a to set up fee to create a new account in our store.
  • You can request payment any time your account reaches $10 by bank-transfer (ACH to US bank account only), or paper check. We do not use PayPal for payments.

How should I/we handle CD, T-Shirt, Posters, and other tangible sales?

We recommend using first class mail and a padded envelop to protect the CD. This will show your customer that you care about them and your CD. To keep profitable add $2.50 to $5.00 for mailing depending on the country you are sending to.

Personalize every package by including a short note to your fan, not only will it make them feel good but they'll brag about it with there friends and that will also help increase your fan base.

Artist and MP3 FAQ

What do I need to know about sampling audio clips?

Every album at 440Music.com should have a samples for customers to hear before they make a decision to buy. You decide which songs and how long the sample should be that buyers can preview. The length can range from 30 seconds to full song. We recommend that you don't sample the entire song because if you can hear it you can record it. From our beginning we would sample 90 seconds as we felt that would give the listener enough time to know if they liked the song but not so much time that they'd want to copy it. Don't worry about creating a lo-fi song file our system will create that for you.

When a customer clicks to hear a song, that click will be counted for you to see.

Listeners have the option of hearing the lo-fi or hi-fi version of your songs. We create the lo-fi version of your song for the visitor who is on a dial-up network. The lo-fi version of your song will be created at 44100kz and 40kb which is played in stereo.

If you're concerned that the lo-fi file might not have the quality of sound you want, don't. Understand that slow internet connections can't handle large files and if they become a buyer they will download the full quality MP3 you created.

What information should be added to our/my bio?

Rules, Rules, Rules we don't have no stinkin' Rules. What we suggest is that you write true statements. Make it captivating so your new fans will be encouraged to tell their friends. A good first impression stays with new fans and they'll want to talk about the hot new band they just found.

You're able to change text at any time, try a few different approaches to find what works best.

What information should be added to our/my bio?

Rules, Rules, Rules we don't have no stinkin' Rules. What we suggest is that you write true statements. Make it captivating so your new fans will be encouraged to tell their friends. A good first impression stays with new fans and they'll want to talk about the hot new band they just found.

You're able to change text at any time, try a few different approaches to find what works best.

Can we link to our MP3 files from other sites?

Yes. When you upload a song/MP3 there is a link automatically created to use that link go to your profile and select the song category, the your see a list of songs and to the right of the song name you'll see a button that will expand the song information. In that information there is a link that you can use.

International Standard Recording Code

What is an ISRC?

A completed ISRC is considered a 'dumb' number as it represents only the sound or music video recording to which it is assigned. Please note the following points:

  • The ISRC is separated into four distinct elements in order to ensure that the ISRCs you assign will be unique.
  • Since recording rights can change ownership over time, it is particularly dangerous to assume ownership based on the Registrant portion of the code.
  • The Year of Reference now represents the year in which the ISRC was assigned. The date of copyright should not be inferred from this portion of an ISRC.
  • The issuance of an ISRC does not imply the registration of a copyright.

Do I need a new Registrant Code for each of my projects?

No. Your Registrant Code can be used to assign ISRCs for all recordings under the terms to which you agreed when you registered.

Where do I submit my ISRCs once they have been assigned?

In the US, there is no single database or agency to which you must submit your codes. We will not require a report of the ISRCs you assign.

Once ISRCs have been created for your recordings, you are responsible for maintaining a record or list of them and the metadata (track information) associated with each ISRC.

You submit your ISRCs to your business partners as required by your relationship with them, e.g. collecting societies, download sites and aggregators.

In the US, we recommend contacting Sound Exchange (www.soundexchange.com) for more information on the recording copyright for digitally distributed music. They can use the ISRCs you assign to assist in calculating royalty payments.

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