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September 2019 Update

by Scarecrowz, posted 09/10/19 12:12:39   » Rock/Metal

Hi All,

Summer has been a blast.  Did some shows, worked on some demos for the new record.  Will be doing same this fall before heading into the studio.  Quick shout out to our fans here...thanks so much for stopping by a taking a listen!



Buzz Music Interview - June 2019

by Scarecrowz, posted 06/20/19 11:50:20   » Music

Buzz Music Interview - June 2019

Check out a recent Buzzmusic interview with Ger Madden!

Welcome, Ger! We love the name, Scarecrowz. What was the vision behind it?

When I formed the band with our bassist at the time, we wanted to have it represent something visually.  We are both big KISS fans and thought of things that were related so Kiss, Halloween, Scarecrowz.  The bassist was also an Iron Maiden fan and thought of a Mascot, but we didn't want to copy that singular concept and eventually decided on the team/gang theme like the movie "The Warriors" meaning. All for one and one for all!

As a band, how do you manage to fuse together the multiple different personalities and opinions into one brand and unit?

Boy, that's been a minefield, but we've been able to navigate that.  Can't say we haven't had some casualties on the way, but being the only original member left, I been able to manage to weather through the personnel changes.  It's important to draw on people's strengths so that when we get things done and leverage it is so that it benefits the team to move forward. When it comes to opinions, everyone is entitled to one.  Just like a vote though, we need to settle things democratically.  I guess being the leader, I have veto powers, but I rarely use that authority.  I'd rather hear and consider everyone's input before a decision is made and 9 times out of 10 it's the right one because of it.

Talk to us about this kickass hit, “Octane”. What was the theme behind the song?

Well, I thought it was kind of obvious (LOL), but it's really about whatever fuels you.  We made reference to speed, cars, etc. because it is easily identifiable to everyone.  I mean, it's a pretty driving tune so just made sense to use that connotation or association.  So much so that it literally became the theme for our latest album, "Refuel" since there is a car on the cover.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Octane”? In what ways were you able to overcome this?

Well, maybe the recording.  We took several stabs at it as some band members weren't happy with it.  Maybe with some of the frustration, it showed in the version that came out.  I think when we lost one of the band members during the recording process, we didn't feel as tied down as much so like anyone who is tenacious, we hunkered down, barreled on through and came out the other side with a product we were truly happy with.

What’s next for you Scarecrowz? Any exciting upcoming performances!?

Yes, since our lineup was revamped last fall, we started to book a few select shows including into this year.  We are mainly focused on writing and demoing new material as we've been pretty busy with that so far in 2019.  Plan is to enter the studio before year's end and have something out in early 2020.  People can check out all our happenings at  **** happens when you're busy making plans so we'll see what the year brings, but we're having a good time, getting along famously, everyone respects each other and at the end of the day that's all someone can ask for!


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Wix Site

by Scarecrowz, posted 06/20/19 12:05:17   » Music

Hi All,


Another quick update, you can go to our wix page to get more on Scarecrowz!

June 2018 update

by Scarecrowz, posted 06/26/18 08:53:11   » Music News

Hi All,


Just atsrted on this site.  We're on currently looking to audition players for the band including lead Guitar and Drums.  if interested, message us at or on facebook.  cheerz!



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